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This scheme is now closed to new applications!


The Kickstart Programme is a scheme that was introduced by the UK Government to help employers looking to create up to 29 jobs for younger people by providing funding.

A young person is defined as a 16-24 year old, and they must be on Universal Credit without decent prospect of long-term employability in order to be able to qualify. The scheme is open for employers of all sizes, and they must be able to create placements that last for a 6-month period.

Further funding may be available once the placement period is up in order to aid the young person with their transition into a sustained term of employment.

Kickstart Programme: Text


  • All jobs created under the Kickstart scheme must be new jobs; they cannot replace existing vacancies, nor planned and upcoming vacancies.

  • The placements must not cause any current staff or contractors to lose their positions or suffer reduced hours.

  • As a minimum, the job placements proposed must each last for 6 months, with a minimum of 25-hours per week.

  • The placement must only require basic training, nothing deemed as specialist.

  • The placement must be paying at least the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage that corresponds to the age of the person(s) being employed.

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